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  • The View From the Sideline!

    Willard W I have always struggled sitting on the sideline!  After playing sports, it was always hard to sit in the stands and watch.  At times state legislative decisions are made and I have not had the time or opportunity to "weigh in" with our local legislators.  By not taking the time to act, I essentially "sat on the sidelines"!

    Legislators at the national and state level are poised to make major changes to public education.  The Secretary of Education was interviewed for confirmation yesterday and did not know what IDEA (Individuals with Disability Act) is.  She did not understand the difference between proficiency and growth in terms of grading.  She is a major advocate of choice schools.  Choice schools including Charters and Voucher systems would divert significant funds from public schools.  The current system that is in place has not been fully funded for years and now we are considering options which would financially strangle public schools.  Superintendents and others have been on the front line advocating for public schools.  The bottom line is that more people are going to have to get off the sidelines and in the game!!!  

    Most Missourians love their public schools.  I personally believe that public schools are the answer to drive economic improvement into the future.  Dollars invested in public education are multiplied in the long run.  2017 will be a year when the Missouri Public School system is threatened at a level never seen before.  Withholdings of state dollars have already begun and the promise for more is in place.  We need parents that believe in public schools to get in the game!  Local legislators must understand that you support public schools and are holding them accountable to their voting record.  I fully recognize that public schools are not perfect and need to continue to improve however, I have a deep belief that moving toward Charters and Voucher systems is in the wrong direction for our state and our country.  

    Don't be caught on the sideline!!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Dr. Medlin

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